Skokie Valley Material Company was founded in 1926 by Marcus Mick and his wife Lillian Hoffmann Mick as a building material and coal supply company. During the 1930s and 40s many of the village facilities, schools and residences were heated with Skokie Valley coal. Coal and other products were delivered to the yard in railroad cars and unloaded by cranes.

Marcus’ son Melvyn took over operations in the 1960’s. Through determination and hard work he built the company up over the decades into a complete masonry and building supply distributor. Skokie Valley Material has gone on to supply much of the masonry material that has built & continues to build Chicago.

Two of Melvyn’s children, Amy & Mary, are now the 3rd generation of owner operators at Skokie Valley Material. Under the direction of Melvyn, Amy, and Mary, Skokie Valley Material continues its commitment to masons, general contractors, landscapers and homeowners in maintaining the tradition of providing high quality products and prompt service.

Skokie Valley Material has been continually growing and the truck fleet has expanded from chain-drive trucks of yesterday to now include many dump trucks, semi and flat trucks with forklifts. Product lines are always being evaluated and new products added. The company invested in silo tank technology and has been delivering pre-blended mortar to silo tanks on customers’ jobsites.

From the beginning, Skokie Valley Material has responded to customer needs and emerging technologies. Today, it is a leading provider of masonry, building material, and hardscape products. More than 85 years since its foundation, quality and uncompromised service remain the hallmark of Skokie Valley Material Company. Offering prompt delivery and the correct product lines continues to make Skokie Valley the supplier that our customers rely on.

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